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New works "In Progress" March 2016

In March 2016, Jason and artist Kurznachzehn collaborated on a 2 person show at VISUAL urban contemporary art in North Park and again in downtown San Diego with Viz Cult at Bar Basic.

kurznachzehn and Jason Gould @ Pretty Portal

kurznachzehn and Jason Gould collaborations are now available at Pretty Portal gallery in Duesseldorf, Germany. Go to the website at www.prettyportal.de and purchase artwork at shop.prettyportal.de and follow at facebook.com/prettyportal.

Jason Gould and Kurznachzehn

Jason Gould @ Dr. Seuss Enterprises

January 2015, Jason connected with Gensler SD and Dr. Seuss Enterprises to create a hand painted mural for the newly designed office space for Dr.Seuss Enterprises, Sorrento Valley California.

Jason Gould x TOKYO DREAM x Spectrum - Miami

Jason Gould and TOKYO DREAM teamed up with San Diego artist Sarah Stieber and Spectrum - Miami for Miami Art Basel 2014.
check out Sarah Stieber at www.sarahstieber.com

New Vanguard Collection

abstract graffiti

Jason Gould wants more art in North Park

Jason Gould wants more art in North ParkGuerrilla-style Visual Public Art Project proves you can do a lot with very little
Jason Gould, in front of a box painted by artist Nick McPherson 
Jason Gould, owner of Visual, the art-supply store and gallery in North Park, is constantly reminded of the relative lack of art and artistic opportunities in the neighborhood, which is considered one of the city’s cultural hubs. Tourists often stop by his shop to ask where they can see street murals or public art, and while he can point them to a few nearby alleyways, he’s usually left without much to say.

VISUAL Public Art Project x SD Citybeat

VISUAL Public Art Project is a curatorial project that I 

have coordinated over the past 2 months. It is a project 

that focuses on bringing current art back into North Park 

while recreating an interest in art in public spaces and 

neighborhoods http://www.sdcitybeat.com/sandiego/article-13376-jason-gould-wants-more-art-in-north-park.html

Live Deal Mural, Del Mar California

Live Deal Mural, July 2014.
Del Mar, California.


Tokyo Dream preview

Prototypes for Tokyo Dream have been rolling out this month. The pieces shown here are one off custom hand painted pieces. The concept is to create a line of men's sport jackets, dresses, heels, handbags and vintage luggage. Stay tuned as the collection develops.

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